We have been very busy in the Infants room. Our theme for the month was “Myself”. We talked about ourselves and the individual qualities we have. We discovered we had somethings in common with our friends in class like enjoying pepperoni pizza or having the same coloured eyes.

We talked about the Colour Monster’s first day of school and some of the funny things he brought to school. We even drew ourselves as colour monsters.

We learnt about our teacher, our classroom, ourselves as living things, our families, young and old and some of our jolly phonics sounds!

In Maths, “Zero was our Hero”. We were counting, matching and classifying different things in the classroom.
We made puppets and made a puppet show with help from Mr. Jenkinson.

We explored our senses with some play foam that smelt of apples and a peppermint spray. We learnt how to say hello in different languages from around the world.

We created a baby clinic and reminisced on some of things we used when we were babies.

We explored doing our self portraits and discussed how some artists through time did their own self portraits. We started violin lessons and we learnt how the voice worked.